Sunday, 15 June 2014

Having fun

All art work copyright Eileen Postlethwaite.

Inspired by a walk in the woods I decided to have some fun printing. It was a little area of an old ancient woodland which we entered as we followed one of the village footpaths. Once inside the wood we found lots of little well worn foot paths criss crossing through the trees to other parts of the village. As we followed several different paths we listened to the bird song and a loud screech of a Jay above us. There were lots of old oak trees, with trunks covered in moss. I picked up two green leaves off the ground and I found a beautiful brown feather possibly from a buzzard. I brought them home and decided to make a little block of the oak leaf to print with.

The new leaves were both green. I placed them next to one that has turned brown, a reminder of how many colours changes they have. I really love oak leaves and collect them on my walks throughout the year. I have so many drawings and paintings of my found leaves.
Art work copyright Eileen Postlethwaite
So I sketched an oak shape and carved it out of the Lino. Then I decided to try a hawthorne, so I chose a little leaf from the dish, do you remember this?They are still there, but of course the berries are looking very dull. So after I made A little Hawthorne leaf carved in the soft lino I couldn't resist a red berry. Yes I might just need to carve a red berry or two.
Art work copyright Eileen Postlethwaite
And as I take over the kitchen, I happily play with my newly carved leaves. I only had green and red printing ink, so I mixed them to make brown too.
It all looked fine so I wanted to try it with some fabric paint and a piece of natural linen. Everything from the printing needs washing and tidying first! Then I could move on to the printing on the fabric with a ready made brown fabric paint using the oak block.
Now for a couple of new tea-towels. So I sewed some new linen fabric and made two tea towels. I know I should have really washed the new fabric but I was so enthusiastic to print I just went for it. I will have to hope all is well. I dried it in the sunshine and then ironed it to fix the fabric paint.
I really love this, my values, simple, honest, authentic, and completely handmade. From me finding the leaf, carving the block and then hand printing it onto my hand made linen tea-towel.
And then I had to try my little Hawthorne leaf and berry too, inspired by my own drawings.
Art work copyright Eileen Postlethwaite
I have always loved these pretty little leaves and red berries. I saw a tree today and the little green berries are just forming. Here is one of my drawings I made several years ago, I have always like the simplicity of this composition. I have used these as my drawing subject so many times. Now I have a tea towel.
Art work copy right Eileen Postlethwaite.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my little fun project. Today i collected some pure white sheep wool off the shore all caught on the wire fence, I have it soaking in soap flakes and then a new pincushion project, maybe from the leaf prints. I do have a few other ideas to print and to try some different colours of oak leaves and an acorn to carve. It really is an enjoyable technique, In the past I have used a simple potato and a kitchen knife and made lovely prints.
Something else I have been doing was a few quick sketches of this little red and black Cinnabar moth. I found it on the ground and brought it home. A red and a black fine ink pen was grabbed and I had a few rough sketches as it moved around on my page.
Then a more detailed study in pencil.
It was a lovely moth, set free in my garden after I spent my hour doing this page. I will paint it soon. The real moth is pictured above and below, it just wandered around on my page, sometimes so still and quiet that I was able to do these little drawings of it.
I will leave you with the night sky, at 10pm on Friday. I love seeing the evening sky, so many beautiful colours.
The ash tree at the bottom of my garden, looking North west to the Lakeland hills.
The view from my window, looking west.
Thank you for your lovely comments. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been inspired with. What are you doing, have you made something handmade? i would love to hear. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.



Diana said...

Oh Milly, wow you have been busy. So many wonderful projects. I love them all. So delicate and honest. gorgeous work.I thought of you today as I took my walk of your treasures and your creative beautiful paintings. love to you,Diana

Tammie Lee said...

so lovely to see all the beautiful projects you have been working on. I enjoy tea towels with prints on them and yours are wonderful.

our world overflows with nature's treasures and you surely don't miss the details.

Valerie Gardiner said...

What a lovely post Milly, I love the way you use nature for inspiration and how lucky you were to find a beautiful moth that didn't fly away when you started to draw. I too find inspiration close to home, drawing the same flowers and trees as well as the landscape around me every year in different sketchbooks. It's fascinating to look back over them and see how things have changed and grown and how my style has changed too. I have a blog if you want to have a look it's

Jacqui Galloway said...


MILLY said...

Thank you for your comments. I do appreciate your visits and that you take the time to leave lovely comments.

Valerie, I have visited your blog and your sketchbooks are wonderful. As I am not a google + member! I am unable to comment.

jJacqui , thank you for your comments. I have also visited your blog,. I am unable to comment as I am not a google+ member.

Gill said...

How lovely Milly!
I love the way you've transferred your drawings to printing - fabulous!! more please!

Julie Clay Illustration said...

I love your little printing foray, there is something so exciting about this technique, I get quite giddy when I do any printing on seeing the results, as you say it's so simple and satisfying. I love the hawthorn and red berries and it looks great on the tea towel (for display only I think, as it looks so nice) The cinnabar moth is such an amazing colour, it looks quite tropical I think. :)

Pondside said...

Your new projects are lovely, Milly. You describe the tea towels perfectly "simple, honest, authentic, and completely handmade".
Me? I've been weeding and watering today. I don't think I have an original bone in my body, so there has been no creativity, but I have been working from a pattern to make a needlpoint Christmas stocking for each of the twins.

Frances said...

Milly, it's been a real pleasure to see how you've been inspired by oak and hawthorne leaves (and those pretty berries) to make drawings and take those drawings another step to making prints, via lino and potato. I do like the sound of lino and potato being linked!

All your results are so successful. Mixing the green and red inks for the initial impressions on paper really turned out well, but when you switched over to printing on the linen fabric, the process became even more wonderful.

(Hoping that perhaps these designs might be having an even wider production/distribution in the future. Meanwhile, I think that your linen tea towels look so, so good.)

Funny isn't it to be printing sepia tints as June nears its official arrival of summer? I loved seeing your colors right now!

Best wishes to you, dear Milly. You continue to make me seem like such a lazybones of a nature-inspired artist. All the same, I love seeing these posts. You really do plant all sorts of ideas into my creative depths. It's now up to me to use that inspiration.


RH Carpenter said...

Such a gorgeous and full post! I am amazed at your talent for doing it all, from start to finish with the tea towels. And your moth model was so cooperative :) Lovely work, as always. I always enjoy a visit on your blog!

suz said...

what a wonderful idea! the tea towel is lovely and so clever.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - first and foremost - so glad your eyes are better and you are back to your lovely drawings. I so love your leaves and your linen tea towel handmade is gorgeous. You are so talented dear. Your photos too are beautiful as well. It is such a treat to visit you and to see all you are doing. Take care and have a great week.

Melody said...

So happy to see you here again! I love your posts! I have some little stamps I've made, and i think it would be great fun to print them on a towel!! What a great idea! (just need a seamstress to whip up a towel or two!) Love the "descending" little leaves and berries art! Happy June to you!

p.s. I could not comment via Bloglovin' just gave me a blank screen, but i can from my Blogger Dashboard? I don't understand technology! :(

Feathers said...

I always enjoy so much reading your postings. What inspiration, seeing your carved leaves and berries,and the tea towels you've created from them.Such a strikingly beautiful moth too--it was so good of him to be patient while you drew him. :-)Cheers from my summer to yours!-Anita.

Claire said...

I love your creative spirit Milly, the leaf prints are fabulous. Its so wonderful to find the cinnabar moth and have him pose for you, really beautiful drawings. So glad to see you drawing again xxxxx

chrishaywoodart said...

I love your ideas, especially the tea towels. It is very inspiring!