Sunday, 6 April 2014

Plenty of inspiration

I have been sewing, making my little patchwork quilt. I cut out lots of squares and just kept going until my quilt was finished.

Arranging squares. And adding a hare or two.

Choosing a border.

Stitching the binding by hand.

Finished, jumping for joy.

I will have to call it my Easter quilt.

The garden has so many lovely spring flowers.

White violets that are scented.
Daffodils I planted last Autumn.
And my Snakehead Fritillary.
Buds in the sunshine and some of the flowers in my garden.
I hope to draw some. Meanwhile I can enjoy them all. Each day there is something lovely to see. My eye is improving and I am seeing colours brighter. Thank you for your lovely comments. I have not been able to go on the computer for long, but I have started my first drawing with a box of crayons and a brand new sketchbook after a lovely walk at the beach. As the title says, plenty of inspiration everywhere I look.
I will leave you with a lovely sunset from this week. See you soon. Millyx



Thursday, 20 March 2014

A New Bag


I have not been able to draw yet, but I still can sew. I watched sewing bee on iplayer last Saturday and I thought, make something. So off I went to the fabric stash and I decided to make a bag. So with an idea in my head and my sewing machine that can do all the work of my eyes, I was off again, being creative.

I had carved my little hare and made my own rubber stamp last Easter. I printed it onto linen when I made my pincushions. I tried it on this fabric, it made the hare look like it was really there, sitting amongst the undergrowth. So I chose to make my bag out of this fabric and use the printed piece for the front pocket. The other pretty fabric for the lining and trim.

The finished bag. I am very pleased with it.

A lovely green mother of pearl button which I bought a few years ago whilst on holiday at Madeira. I bought brown, blue, green, and shimmering grey ones. I love haberdashery stores and as lots of people sew in Madeira they seem to have lots. At Funchal, they have some beautiful old fashioned shops selling everything for someone like me to feast my eyes on. I could not resist the buttons.

I had a little walk one day in the sunshine and saw that the primroses are growing in the hedgerows, they evoke so many memories. I saw a ladybird, a bit fat bumble bee and then a yellow butterfly. It was a great tonic for me to take a walk as I have not being feeling too well, suffering with dizziness and my balance. I picked the primroses from my own garden. My snakehead fritillaries are really growing, the first ones are in flower and I have lots of bright cheerful daffodils out at the bottom of my garden. The birds are singing as I write this. Seems Spring is here early.

It looks like I may have started a little patchwork. I cannot bear to throw even the tiniest piece of fabric away. I was supposed to be tidying the mess i had made after the bag! Then I was thinking maybe I could use it for a patchwork and before I knew it I was cutting out the two and a half inch squares from the bag scraps, then finding left over bits from other projects. One thing just leads to another.

I will finish here as I cannot use the computer for long. Thank you for the kind messages. Hopefully back to drawing soon. Hope you enjoyed seeing my bag and maybe even a little patchwork to show you next time. Millyx




Saturday, 1 March 2014

St. David's Day..1st March

Today was such a beautiful day. The first day of a new month. So we went for a lovely walk around the village. First we stopped to look through the Church gates. It took my breath away, the beautiful purple carpet of crocus, snowdrops and the first daffodils. Of course we had to then wander through the churchyard and take it all in, take the opportunity to see it with the sun shining, on this St. David's Day.

We carried on wandering through the lanes heading up towards the moor you can see in the background. Past the old mill we decided to look at the beck, see how much water was running down and a chance to find some pottery. There was a huge bank of leaves and bits all washed to the side by the fast flowing water after all the rain we have had. I found an oak gall and then I needed to chose an oak leaf from all the hundreds on the ground. Meanwhile, someone risked wet feet as he balanced on wobbly stones to fish out little pieces of blue and white china for me.

We wandered on through the lanes and I noticed the first bright glossy yellow celandines. They were always the first wild flowers, my sister and I used to start our collection as we pressed flowers and made our own nature book throughout the year. I saw all the new fresh green leaves of the Lords and Ladies, at the same place I collected the berries last year for my zig zag book I was working on. I will make some sketches and try and record it at this stage to add to my book.

We listened to the birds singing, this little robin sang out in the tree as I collected lots of the skeleton sycamore seeds. He was there so long the photographer managed to capture this gorgeous picture, he is actually singing.

Sycamore seeds scattered everywhere, so delicate, like little pieces of lace.
I also collected some lovely pale empty snail shells. We saw a nest from last year, revealed as the hedgerows have been trimmed neat by the farmers ready for this new year. The birds will collecting and building new nests very soon. Although it is still early, there is lots of new growth along the hedgerows, as we have so far escaped any snow or severe cold weather. When we arrived home it was so nice I spent some time in the garden. It was amazing how much everything has grown with a few days of warm sunshine. Daffodils for St. David's Day.
At the bottom of my garden so many bulbs in flower. I love planting them.

Daffodils, crocus and snowdrops by my garden gate. I love seeing them, the pleasure of all this from planting the little bulbs in Autumn.

I was really thrilled to see my Snakehead fritillary plants, complete with buds. This plant always grows first as it is more sheltered and this is the first place I ever planted the bulbs, many years ago now. It always grows the tallest and the strongest. I so look forward to seeing them each year. Today I planted some new cowslips amongst my other plants in this my little wild woodland garden.

The birds were singing and a robin hopping around as I did a little tidying up of broken branches from the ash tree. The birds love the ash tree, and we love watching them fly in and out of it. I couldn't resist taking the view from here, looking from my garden to the shore, soon the buds will be bursting and it will be covered in leaves.

I have not been able to do much drawing as I have been having problems with my eyes. I have still being collecting both objects and ideas for future work. Next week I am having my first surgery for my cataracts. I have always been grateful that I have had the gift of such wonderful eyesight and have been able to draw in such detail. I am so aware how precious my eyes are and how much I value my sight, hopefully I will be able to return to my drawings soon. Meanwhile I am so lucky to live here, enjoy each day surrounded by all this natural beauty and be able to see this view everyday.

Like this view yesterday.

And then the colours of the sunset.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Thank you for the lovely comments. See you soon. Millyx



Friday, 7 February 2014

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers
How beautiful it is to see all the snowdrops in my garden. I picked a few yesterday and this morning when I got up and walked into the kitchen I had such a lovely surprise to see them in the window. The sun was streaming in and catching the water in the little glass I had just placed them in yesterday. Little shadows cast across the wall of the snowdrop shapes.
(all photographed on my iPad)
It made me really notice them. I then wandered into the garden and the sunlight was coming through the trees, the sky is so blue and I walked down the little path and looked across at the view towards the hills.
The bare branches of the ash tree where the birds love to meet. This morning two doves sat close together on a branch looking at the views too.
Snowdrops appear magically from the dead leaves and cold ground, so simple and delicate, so white and pure.
How much pleasure they give.
I am always so glad I plant spring bulbs, I love watching them grow and appear. They seem quite early as it is mild. I even have some fritillary leaves growing so soon.
Soon my own will be flowering the same as this little pot I bought. Do you like my homemade wreaths I made with twisting all the ivy and clematis vine that I cut when tidying the garden last autumn.
Snowdrops by the stone wall, slate from the quarry in the village. The wall is probably over a hundred years old, the same age as the house.
I have had many visitors to my blog, looking at all of my drawings, hope you enjoyed seeing them all and found them inspiring.
The white feather does not belong to me, but all other images are mine. And are all copyright of Eileen Postlethwaite.
As always thank you for the lovely comments you leave , I do enjoy reading them all. I am busy and will share with you what I have been doing soon. So in the meantime a whole gallery to look at.
I am going for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and blue sky while it lasts. Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine too. Millyx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

High tides

After the flood warnings, everyone waited and watched as the highest tide came rushing into the estuary. It was such a windy cold day and the whole of the shore was soon covered in water. The water rushed on to flood fields and it was obvious there was going to be a possible risk of it breaking over onto the railway lines and onto the road.


This is an average sized tide, the view from my house across the estuary.


This is the day of the huge tide, the railway bridge to the right and you can see the water flooding in. It did break the boundary line of the shore and the trains had to be cancelled because of the water on the lines. The high tides continued for about a week and then I ventured down on to the shore for a walk and curious to see what might have been left .

There was lots to choose from, so many pieces of seaweeds, lots of mermaids purses and black mussel shells, lots of red berries! I have been for a second walk and so I now have two collections to choose from. The sand has shifted around in the tidal river and we found some pretty pieces of china too, one with a bird on which I have plans for.

I have been drawing this little group.


And a lovely piece of blue and white china.


Today I added the final touches. It is painted with a number 4 sable brush and acrylic inks. The real berries and the seaweed have now wrinkled and dried up. I really like this piece of china with all the texture from spending years in the salty sea water on the shore.

It is cold but I was so happy to see the first snowdrops on my garden, white buds about to burst, a lovely sight. Meanwhile a vase of red tulips and daffodils on my kitchen table, a present from my sister, signalling spring is not so far away. We had a walk in sunshine yesterday, such a welcome after the wet and grey days. I have been delving in my seashore bags and I have washed some more objects for a new drawing, they do not smell too nice but I have definitely found such interesting things to keep me busy. Perhaps I am just easily pleased. Hope everyone is keeping warm! Thank you for the lovely comments and your New Year Wishes. There has been lots of visitors to my blog, people enjoying lots of my old posts, why not say hello? See you soon, Millyx